Trending color themes

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Trending color themes

For many people, it is important that the decoration and color of their kitchen is in line with the fashion and trends of the year. If you are one of these people, you surely want to know what color are the kitchen trends 2021. Neutral colors are considered as an important element in interior decoration as the color trend of 2021, and you can easily create a beautiful and new decoration in your kitchen by combining these colors and any other color in your counter models. Join us in this article and get acquainted with the best colors for the kitchen in 2021.

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The best kitchen color 2021

Before any decision for the color of your new kitchen or kitchen cabinet redesign, pay attention that, factors like the type of taste, the type of space and the area, affect the color of your choice. For example, if you have a dark and dim kitchen, you should not go for dark colors at all, and it is better to choose a light color to make your kitchen space brighter and bigger.

White, the kitchen color in 2021

For several years, white has been a top trend in kitchen design, but this year, white with a milky shade has become more popular. There is nothing like a completely white kitchen, white may seem dull, but with milky color combines all the benefits of bright colors at the same time. This combination, brings freshness to your kitchen space. White is also a neutral and universal color and looks great in almost any style, from classic and neoclassical to modern and contemporary. The white kitchen will not bore you because you can easily bring joy and excitement to your kitchen by using colored accessories such as curtains. White facade in design - like a painting canvas that you can draw any image on it. In addition, light shades are the best choice for small kitchens due to their ability to enlarge the space.

white kitchen

Black, the top kitchen trend of 2021

Black is a classic color and it does not matter how strange it looks, but black also has different shades. In 2021, charcoal black is very popular. Luxury charcoal surfaces have a soft sheen but are not as shiny as mirrors. If you make your black kitchen a mirror or, conversely, completely opaque, it can look a bit showy. In any case, do not exceed 60% and make the room exclusively black.

black kitchen

You might say black is a drama! Of course, it is true and you can use shiny accessories such as a crystal chandelier, a mirror or glass wall covering, metal chairs, shiny floor tiles, etc. to prevent drumming. 

Although the black kitchen is a very bold and adventurous choice, you should also consider that this choice will not turn your kitchen into a dark room. A black kitchen can be your solution. White cabinet remodeling with black counter not only create an attractive and dazzling decorate but also increase the visual visibility.

Gray, the special color of the kitchen 2021

Gray is no longer associated with discomfort and discouragement. Now this is a new universal color with interesting shades and a great choice for the kitchen cabinets, because the dust on it is practically not visible. It is very beautiful, if you choose the deepest shades: graphite, pearl, silver - such kitchens look amazing.

As you know, gray has different tones that range from dark to light. The effect of each of these tones on the beauty of kitchen decoration is different and attractive. If you are looking for energy in your kitchen, it is better to use contrasting shades of gray because contrasting colors bring energy with them. But the use of harmonious gray tones instills a good sense of calm in the space.

Designers recommend dark gray for modern kitchens and light gray for classic kitchens. Gray is suitable for isolated and calm people who do not have an adventurous spirit. You can clearly see the elegance and originality in the gray kitchens.

Beige, kitchen color 2021

Beige color is one of the top kitchen trends of 2021, which has beauty and elegance together. The warmth of beige creates a cozy atmosphere and looks strangely magical and spectacular in modern style kitchens. Beige is called the king of neutral colors, so do not hesitate to choose it. Beige color easily combines with other colors and can add charm and beauty to your kitchen decoration.

brown kitchen

Brown, warm color of the kitchen 2021

Brown is a traditional solution for designing a classic kitchen. Delicious chocolate color and expensive wood that creates stability and calm in the space. Wide tonnage is the superior feature of brown and it can be combined with almost any color, regardless of any shade. Brown is one of the colors of the warm group that inspires a pleasant and lovely warmth to the space. Brown cabinets with white open quartz stone or natural granite create a beautiful image and dazzle the eyes of every viewer.

New kitchen color trend; Green and yellow

Maybe most of us see yellow and blue together and it is less common to go for green and yellow, but this combination, which has been trending since around the summer of 2021, is a light and happy combination. Both colors are good for modern and postmodern styles and can create a cozy kitchen with a rustic and eye-catching theme.

Blue and green

The use of dark colors becomes very trendy in the coming year and all the colors used in this trend are inspired by nature and have an effect of nature.

Interior designers expect that interest in these colors will greatly expand in the design and selection of kitchen cabinets. Blue and green are among these colors that combine very well with each other and go very well together. Also, due to the variety of tonnage in these two color combinations, you can design a kitchen where you feel comfortable.

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